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Made in Italy

Perazzi Gunsmithing Giacomo Sporting USA

Perazzi gunsmithing is an art and skill that has been passed down from Giacomo to Dan and on to the Giacomo Sporting team based in Rome, NY. At Giacomo Sporting USA, Dan and his team perform a full range of Perazzi gunsmithing services, wood refinishing and recheckering, barrel fitting, resoldering and bluing, nickel plating, case hardening and various other services. For repairs, restoration, fitting and sales of Perazzi shotguns, Giacomo Sporting USA continues as 'THE' sales and service center for all Perazzi items.

Slow Rust Bluing

All soft soldered barrels require a unique Slow Rust Bluing process. This ensures that the solder bond between the ribs and the barrel is not compromised. The process begins by hand polishing the barrels to perfection. Then they are coated 3 times a day for a minimum of 5 days in a humidity controlled room. When the barrels reach the signature deep rich color, the rusting process is stopped. Finally, the bores and faces are polished and the barrel is returned to factory specifications.

Hot bluing

All items are hand polished to ensure sharp edges and the highest professional quality. Then the items are dipped in a stainless steel bluing tank and monitored throughout the entire process to guarantee an even, dark rich color.

Re-Soldering Loose Ribs

Barrels with loose ribs are vigilantly re-regulated and soft soldered by our highly trained gunsmiths. Each barrel is patterned before, during and after to guarantee that the point of impact has remained true. Finally the barrel is made complete by the bluing process.

Perazzi Gunsmithing

  • Annual Service $ 295.00 + up
    To keep your gun performing at the highest level we recommend having it serviced once a year. This includes replacing the normal parts that have the most wear and tear such as the firing pins, the firing pin return springs, the top lever return spring and the ejector springs.
  • Locking Bolt $ 450.00 + up
    When your gun is closed and the top lever is at the 6:00 position, it's time to replace the locking bolt. Each locking bolt is hand fitted specifically for your gun and the top lever and barrels are reset back to the original factory position.
  • Trigger Pulls $ 195.00 + up
    We can set the trigger pulls to your exact weight with no creep or play. We will NOT set any Perazzi triggers at less than 3 lbs for safety reasons.
  • Fit Ejectors, Barrels, Stocks, Forends, Tighten Gun and a complete range of Perazzi Gunsmithing Services
    All Perazzi parts will be hand fitted by one of our qualified Perazzi Gunsmiths for your safety.

Tiger Stripe Color Case Hardening

Countless trial and error efforts have allowed us to reproduce the look of the Original Perazzi Cyanide Hardened receivers. Each receiver is hand polished, case hardened, lacquered and then baked.

Bone and Charcoal Hardening

We are honored to be working with one of the finest color casing companies in the country. Doug Turnbull is now doing all of our bone and charcoal receivers. We do all the prep work, Doug colors it and sends it back to us for Lacquer and baking. We then reassemble and the results are truly magnificent.

Nickel and Gold Platting

The nickel process is a durable finish which adds an elegant touch to your receiver as well as gold plating your trigger. This process requires the complete gun to be sent in.

Custom Fitting

We take a lot of pride in making sure your Perazzi fits you perfectly. We will spend as much time as it takes to get you looking down the barrel and breaking 100's.

Wood Refinishing

Our refinishing process will completely revive and restore the color and luster of your wood. We can refresh your wood by giving it new life and restoring it's natural beauty! Minor blemishes are meticulously removed by hand as well as light levels of wear and surface damage. Choose from the following refinishing options to complete your new look:

Matte/Satin Finish - Durable polyurethane finish leaving a soft, silky matte/satin finish

High Gloss Finish - Durable polyurethane finish featuring a beautiful Shiny Mirror like appearance

Recoil Pad and Recoil Reducer Installation

We can install a new Perazzi pad, Kick-Eez pad or any recoil reducer you choose. Our work is always meticulous and done to perfection.

Adjustable Comb Installation

Adjustable Comb Installation

We can gladly turn your fixed comb stock into a fully adjustable comb stock. We use a variety of hardware to meet all of our customer's needs.